It was my husband Graham’s idea to collect all the sketches and drawings I’ve done over several years and publish them alongside my poetry. If nothing else, it has made my drawings and numerous poems accessible where as before they were literally everywhere! Old notebooks and sketchbooks, scraps of paper, scribbles on envelopes. It took quite a while to sort them out, and match up, at least where possible, each poem to a drawing. I think it works and I’m quite pleased my bits and pieces are all now bound up in one book. Named after the title poem, it’s called ‘Meet Me at Low Tide’ – for details see ‘Books’. squirrel-in-frame-14-april-jpeg

I’ve been doing some mixed media pictures for a change. This one is my own interpretation of a Russian icon. I like the phrase the composer, the late John Taverner used to describe his love of icons. He said they were like: “A window into heaven”.  In this picture of the Madonna and Child, I have used a mixture of oil paint and collage to give a mosaic effect  – the gold, sequins and shiny fabric catch the light and seem to draw the eye.   Russian Icon 2

I’m delighted to be able to tell you Rev. Imogen Nay accepted my gift of this painting for the church and it now hangs permanently in the Lady Chapel of St.Andrew’s Church, Rugby. I love the way it catches the light when the candles flicker in the evening, in the half-darkness. I’m working on another icon now, in the same mixed media of oils and collage. the subject is: St. Francis.

I don’t spend a lot of time painting these days but when I’ve finished a first draft and want to do something else to relax, preferably without using any more words, I like to paint. Here are a couple of my oil-paintings:My painting boat

This was painted from my imagination. There’s something about old derelict boats that captures my imagination.

This painting – All Saints’ Church –  is of our local  C of E Parish Church in the village. I painted this from doing preliminary sketches and taking photos.My painting church


4 Responses to Paintings

  1. Wow! Is there no end to your talent, Theresa. Love you paintings


  2. Beautiful paintings. You have real talent. BTW: I love Cornwall, the sea and dogs. And I also paint – when I have the time. And I’ve had 3 books published as an indie author. I live in France at the moment but one day hope to live in Cornwall. See you there! Alison x

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    • Thanks Alison, so good to hear from you, we have a lot in common! I’ve just got home but will take a look at your website & books later. I lived in Cornwall for many years, including in St.Ives, just off the harbour, but unfortunately now I’m miles from the sea – and miss it so!

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  3. Alison Burke says:

    I loved this unusual and interesting site, especially the paintings and the happy recollections of childhood, wondering how many of us would have developed a similar spirituality given the a comparable start in life, though your gifts are uniquely your own .


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