The Sea Inside His Head

My novel ‘The Sea Inside His Head’ has just been released as an e book.  This is a dramatic love-story that reveals what it was like to be caught up in the Miners’ Strike during the 1980’s.The Sea Inside His Head image

In this controversial but moving love-story, Bradley Shepstone is a coal-miner in Kent. His father, a miner before him, died from lung disease and Bradley fears he will suffer the same fate. Now after months without work or wages, Bradley is desperate to get out – he wants to leave the pit for good. He dreams that he, his wife Helen, and their baby son, could get away and begin a new life. He argues that if he could get redundancy money, he could work in the fresh air, go to sea or even rent a small-holding.  But Helen’s immersed in the fight to keep the pits open; she’s giving everything she’s got to save the miners’ jobs and she’s happy and confident in her new role leading the campaign.  When Bradley owns up to Helen he’s thinking of breaking the strike and applying for redundancy their marriage reaches a crisis. She says he will become what she – and all miners hate – a scab.

This is a fictional story based on the facts surrounding the fight to keep the pits open. Wounds are still smarting on both sides of the argument even now – these days there is no trace of the Kent coalfields left apart from historical information available through the museum for tourists and schoolchildren. To see more go to:

Please read my novel and judge for yourselves…who do you agree with: Bradley or Helen?


About theresaleflem

I am a novelist, artist and poet and I live in the Midlands with my husband and rescued greyhound Rosie. Having three novels published I have recently brought out a book of poems and sketches, a collection of my previously unpublished work going back thirty years. I am a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, The Poetry Society and The Society of Authors. Born in London, living many years in Kent and Cornwall and married to a Guernsey man, I love the sea - it often features as a backdrop in my novels.
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