My talk at St.Ives Library for the September Festival

 St.Ives September Festival 2014

St.Ives Library, 15th September 2014, where I’m about to start giving my talk  for the September Festival. I was also reading extracts from my novel THE FORGIVING SAND which is based in the town.  A quick check on my notes and I was away. It’s amazing how the experiences I had living and working in St.Ives as a teenager flooded back to me as soon as I began talking. People gathered to listen attentively as I told them, for example, how we moved into a tiny fisherman’s cottage, without a bathroom, in Downalong, St.Ives. 

This was during the 1960’s. I soon became aware that people were very attentive and curious. Many questions followed!


I was thrilled to have the opportunity to tell them about my experience, moving to St.Ives as a teenager with my creative parents who were inspired by the light and the beautiful landscape – as I was too the minute I caught a glimpse of that wonderful view of the harbour. I chose several passages from my novel which would best describe the magical atmosphere of the place, the eccentric characters, and the artists driven to paint by a passion for nature and the sea. 


About theresaleflem

I am a novelist, artist and poet and I live in the Midlands with my husband and rescued greyhound Rosie. Having three novels published I have recently brought out a book of poems and sketches, a collection of my previously unpublished work going back thirty years. I am a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, The Poetry Society and The Society of Authors. Born in London, living many years in Kent and Cornwall and married to a Guernsey man, I love the sea - it often features as a backdrop in my novels.
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