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I am a writer. I try to put over in words the things I feel strongly about without it being too obvious so that there is room for you as the reader to respond emotionally – not with facts and figures. If I wanted to write factually, I would have chosen to address my subject, such as the National Miners’ Strike, with a well-informed non-fictional book. This isn’t in my league, nor would I want to – I write because I am emotionally involved in something which sometimes goes beyond statistics. Painting a  picture can be one way of putting over that inexplicable urge to SAY SOMETHING! However, even though I do paint occasionally I don’t find I can express my deepest thoughts in this way. My writing is more like poetry or music. To read the meaning in my novels you have to read between the lines, immerse yourself in the time and place  and feel for the characters.  Welcome to the world inside my books! 030_30I am a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and the Society of Authors and I have published three novels so far:

The Sea Inside His Head

The Forgiving Sand

 The Gypsy’s Son

Please see other pages on this website for further details.

The first, my debut novel published by Robert Hale Ltd. about a coal-miner in Kent, England, is called: THE SEA INSIDE HIS HEAD.  In March 1985 coal-miners all over the country ended their strike and returned to work. Their defeat marked the end of the year-long fight to save the pits and keep their jobs. Following the life of a miner in the Kent coalfields, ‘The Sea Inside His Head’ is a novel that reveals what it was like behind closed doors in those mining villages. Personal relationships were put under incredible strain; loyalties were bitterly divided; anxiety, poverty and hunger forced some men to break the strike and endure the stigma of being jeered at and called “scab!” Those who broke the strike were ostracized. Those who chose to join the picket line risked their lives demonstrating against Margaret Thatcher’s government policies which planned to close down certain pits throwing thousands out of work. To keep the strikers going, the miners’ wives served hot meals every day in the soup-kitchens week after week; they kept going by fundraising and received donations of food from all over the world. This novel brings history to life.

Please read the following excellent review by the Historical Novel Society. It’s to be found at:

The Sea Inside His Head image

Coal Miner, Bradley Shepstone is desperate to get away from the pit. He hates the job which has already caused the death of his father. He dreams of escaping to live by the sea, to breathe fresh air and maybe have a smallholding – he’ll do anything to be able to save up and take his young wife and little son away to start a better healthier life somewhere else. But then the strike stops him in his tracks; he can’t work, his hands are tied…

Published by Robert Hale Ltd, the novel is available from:

Waterstones, W.H.Smith, etc and public libraries.


About theresaleflem

I am a novelist, artist and poet and I live in the Midlands with my husband and rescued greyhound Rosie. Having three novels published I have recently brought out a book of poems and sketches, a collection of my previously unpublished work going back thirty years. I am a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, The Poetry Society and The Society of Authors. Born in London, living many years in Kent and Cornwall and married to a Guernsey man, I love the sea - it often features as a backdrop in my novels.
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