My latest publication is a collection of poetry called ‘Meet me at Low Tide’ available on Amazon: as a paperback and in ebook format: MEET ME AT LOW TIDE COMBINED COVER JPEG

Really loving the new posters Gary Walker has designed for me. He runs the promotion website:  and can be contacted via twitter on: @Gary_R_Walker

The Gypsy’s Son: Walker's poster Cornwall


The Sea Inside His Head:



The Forgiving Sand:



They’re really great aren’t they!


So pleased to see that The Historical Novel Society have reviewed ‘The Gypsy’s Son’. The review written by Christoph Fischer I’m pleased to say is complimentary and honest. I’m especially honoured that the HNS have chosen my book for review from those published independently. A few years ago they wrote an excellent review for my first novel “The Sea Inside His Head” which was published by Robert Hale Ltd. As I published ‘The Gypsy’s Son’  myself, I was curious to know if they would accept it in their independent book review section. Going it alone isn’t easy and to be recognized by the HSN is very encouraging.   To read the HNS review, please take a look at the link below:

Following the publication of the review, Christoph Fischer has contacted me. He has invited me to give a blog interview on his website. This will be posted online on 9th January 2016. Click on link below:

St.Ives September Festival 2015

In October I was delighted to take my gypsy back to Cornwall  – a part of the country I once lived in and always find inspiring to return to…there’s nowhere quite like Cornwall!

Latest 5x8 size cover 10 jpeg

I’ve recently returned from giving a talk for the St.Ives September Festival. On Wednesday 16th September at the St.Ives Library I read extracts and talked about writing The Gypsy’s Son. Many thanks to staff at the library, those lovely people who attended and bought my books and organizers of the festival.

St.Ives talk 2015 My talk 2015Collage St.Ives Talk poster jpeg

“If you want sheer down-to-earth escapism and beautiful prose, this is the perfect book for you. There is no wizardry or sci-fi fantasy but deep and emotional crises handled with care and sensitivity. A delightful story with excellent characterisation of people, place and life. This is a work of art when most people don’t think of writing as an art. Intelligent, engrossing and – I haven’t finished reading it yet but – I think ultimately satisfying.”( 5 STAR Review posted on Amazon by OneHappyLady)

My talk was well-attended and (disguising the fact that I wasn’t feeling very well I managed to run well over the allocated hour and nearly cost some people parking fines. Finding a place to park in St.Ives is like gold-dust! Several people bought books and had them signed. many thanks to the librarian Jane who arranged the talk for me and also bought some books for the library. When I walked into the library to give my talk I was delighted to see all three of my novels displayed on the shelves at the entrance. I almost felt famous!

The Gypsy’s Son is available from Amazon books now:

ebook £1.99

paperback £7.95


A RECENT REVIEW of The Sea Inside His Head published by Robert Hale Ltd. in 2012

THE SEA INSIDE HIS HEAD is set in the Kent Coalfields during the National Miners’ Strike of 1984-85. It was a period in history which I experienced first-hand, living within a mining community. 

My novels usually explore the deeper emotions of love, conflict and hardship and this is all too clearly demonstrated in The Sea Inside His Head. The story of this coal-miner’s struggle against the forces of politics, family responsibility and loyalty to his fellow miners highlights the trauma these men went through. It also illustrates how brave and resourceful the women were, and how determined they all were to save their jobs. All but a few that is. When a miner turns ‘scab’ things get very complicated.

A RECENT REVIEW of The Sea Inside His Head published by Robert Hale Ltd. in 2012 written by “Lefty Boy” as he calls himself. A new reader of my work, he is so enthusiastic he kindly asked me to share it with others.

 “This novel brings to life the emotion and intensity of the miners strike in the early 1980’s, I could almost taste and feel the coal dust in the back of my throat. A community dragged apart, lifelong friendships destroyed and yet love turns the impossible into reality as a family fight to survive against all the odds. Billy Elliot without the dance but Theresa brings the Kent Coalmining village to life through the lives of wonderfully chosen characters who ride on the emotional rollercoaster which is “The sea Inside his Head”. A sequel is waiting to be written perhaps.”

“Ten out of 10!”

Thank you for a brilliant review Lefty Boy!

The Sea Inside His Head image

I am often drawn to identify with the poor and the disadvantaged. I resent social injustice of any kind and where as some authors would express their interest through writing non-fiction, I prefer to capture the drama and explore the human elements which lie beneath the surface. THE SEA INSIDE HIS HEAD was published by Robert Hale Ltd, London in 2012.

It’s 1984, and the Kent Coalfields face closure. In this moving love-story, striking miner Bradley pleads with his beloved Helen: ‘The pit killed my Dad, will it kill me too?’ He longs to escape the suffocating tunnels underground and dreams of living by the sea, of breathing fresh sea-air. He retreats to his allotment while the sea rages “inside his head”. But his wife Helen fails to understand and her vigorous campaigning to keep the pits open escalates.

          Kim, Bradley’s sister, falls pregnant and she has her reasons for keeping it a secret. Seeking help from their Irish priest, she finds refuge in the manor house Chalkfield Hall and she goes into hiding. But danger looms…

          Meanwhile Bradley faces a heart-rending decision. Voluntary redundancy from the pit could enable him to buy a small-holding in Wales or Cornwall – with the promise of a new life for him and his family …but there’s a catch. To qualify, he must break the strike and return to work. This means he will defy all that his wife has been fighting for – saving the pit from closure. Should he betray his friends? Dare he become a scab and risk losing his wife and his friends? 

It is available as a hardback and as an e book on Kindle etc.


Although not belonging to a mining family myself I was living in a mining village during the 1984-85 National Miners’ Strike.  I  experienced first-hand the effect the strike had on the local community. The threat of the closure of Tilmanstone Colliery, near Dover, was devastating news to my friends and neighbours who would all be thrown out of work. I was struck by the camaraderie of the coal-miners, how everyone joined together, supported each other and helped out where they could. But a job down the pit had its downside and the conflict between the two opposing views – which led to so much hatred in the community – inspired me to write the novel.

‘The Sea Inside His Head’ was the first novel I had published by Robert Hale Ltd. It is available from Robert Hale Ltd, Amazon Books, Waterstones, W.H. Smiths and available as an e book

In May 2013 my second novel THE FORGIVING SAND was also published by Robert Hale. On 8th June I had my book launch at Hunt’s Bookshop!

THE FORGIVING SANDForgiving Sand cover

This novel was inspired by the time I lived in St.Ives during the 1960’s.

 Christina’s life in Cornwall is thrown into turmoil when ruthless brother-in-law René threatens to close down her quiet beach café which is losing money.  Disabled since childhood, Christina is determined to keep the struggling family business going but neither her mother, nor her sister, seem to care. If only she could contact her father again!

It’s 1994. The Cornish fishing industry is in crisis and lonely skipper, John Madison, widowed when his wife drowned, desperately pleads for Christina’s help with his little daughter. His passionate intensity disturbs her and yet she’s drawn to him.

While René is putting the pressure on with his scheming ideas, an old school-friend, big lovable Peter, returns to Cornwall and jumps in to defend Christina – but with untold repercussions.

Who can save her beloved Sea Café? And when John compels her to make a choice, will her heart be torn in two?

Available as an ebook and as a hardback or paperback from Amazon Books, Waterstones, Telegraph Books, W.H. Smiths, & Hunt’s Bookshop in Rugby.


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