I’m an author who writes fiction for thoughtful readers. What I mean is, my books contain threads of deeper meaning, sometimes comments on social history, on philosophy or perhaps just the mystery of life itself. Having said this, they are still realistic – they are about people and relationships and love. I began writing poetry when I was a young girl but after reading books by people like Thomas Hardy, Daphne Du Maurier, and D.H.Lawrence, I was inspired to write a novel. 
I’m  a novelist who writes books where romance is interwoven into ordinary life. In my first novel, the Sea Inside His Head, I covered the problems faced by a coal-miner during the 1984 /85 National Coal Strike. In my second, The Forgiving Sand, the setting is very different: a quiet cafe situated on the beach in Cornwall. Christina encounters so much family conflict. Financial pressure  and tension mounts until the cafe is threatened with closure.  Where does love come in?   Read it and see!

In my third novel, The Gypsy’s Son, I venture even further into the troubled lives of people living on the edge of society. Thoughts about the homeless and those who travel with nowhere to go is very relevant today of course as we all are seeing pictures of the refugees on the media, attempting to make new and better lives for themselves and their families in more secure countries. Living in the U.K. we are so fortunate, but there are many who still struggle to keep a roof over their heads. It’s a subject I feel very strongly about, and have written some poems on the theme of homelessness, insecurity and famine. Some of these I have published in my collection of poetry and drawings. It’s called: Meet Me at Low Tide.

Living in the Midlands, I’m a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and The Society of Authors. Although we’re both in love with the sea, my husband and I live about as far away from the coast as we could be.  I enjoy walking our greyhound, Rosie in the countryside which surrounds us, while I think through my plots and characters. It’s amazing how stepping away from the computer for half-an hour can suddenly bring ideas flooding in!    Nature always inspires me, as does music. I usually have some on in the background when I’m writing; I find it helps to set the scene and I choose the style of music I need to create a mood.   I enjoy gardening, reading, oil-painting  & playing the violin. I can only play ‘by ear’. How people can read music escapes me!
030_30I have three grown-up children. My two sons live in New York with their families and my daughter, also married,  lives in New Zealand. I have had several jobs over the years: factory work, hairdressing, sewing-machinist, and veterinary receptionist. Others include running my own studio pottery in Cornwall.  Some would say pottery was an ideal occupation, but although I established my own style and received some commissions,  I found it hard to earn a living this way.  I’m fortunate now to be able to write full-time but the experience I gained through working in many different environments has given me the raw material for my novels.  I began writing poetry as a child,  later submitting short stories to publishers. The first was published by Woman’s Own in 1979 and more recently The Peoples’ Friend.  To read more about my writing please see  BOOKS & REVIEWS  page and also my LATEST NEWS.

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2 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Dear Theresa,
    I have a book blog and would like to feature you and your book some time with an interview. Pls contact me if you would be interested.
    Christoph Fischer

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  2. Hi Christoph, I’d be delighted to give an interview for your book blog. I’ll email you directly; thanks for getting in touch. Best wishes, Theresa.


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