Café Writers! Still going strong after over a year!

Café Writers! Writers, poets, and all interested in creative writing are warmly invited to join me in St.Andrew’s Church Café in Rugby town centre. We meet on Friday mornings once a fortnight. Drop in anytime between 10am & 11.30am for an informal meeting over coffee – to chat, relax, share ideas & dreams, exchange experiences in submitting to publishers etc. No need to book, the cafe’s open anyway, and if you’re hungry or have missed breakfast there’s cake. hot soup, toast etc! Can’t be bad!

Café Writers is going really well I’m pleased to say and has now become a regular fortnightly event with lots of advice, news and  conversation being exchanged. There’s on average 8  to 10 of us who attend. When new people  arrive,  once they pull up a chair and join in conversation they soon realize we, as writers, are all in the same boat! Some days the words just flow, other days you can stare at the computer screen as though it’s a brick wall. Then you might make a breakthrough, a letter arrives – your short story has been accepted!  We all like to share our news, good and bad; it certainly gives me a boost to hear what everyone’s working on. 

There is often quite a buzz going on – lots to talk about and ideas to share. Some of us are published, some on their way, some just starting out – so whatever stage you’re at, taking a creative writing course or if you just want some encouragement to get started – please come along and have a coffee with us. We all try and help each other.       

If you’ve got any news/flyers for forthcoming writerly/poetry events to share, please bring them along.


The local author shelf in W.H.Smith, Rugby is stocking my most recently published books: ‘The Gypsy’s Son’ and my collection of poems & drawings: ‘Meet Me at Low Tide’. I’m very grateful and would like to say ‘thank you’ to our Rugby store for supporting local writers.


Meet me at Low Tide – and other poems‘ previously only available in paperback, has just also been released on kindle:  at £2.28

This is a collection of my unpublished poems and also sketches and drawings taken from my sketchbooks which I have accumulated over the years. I’ve been writing poems all my life;   bringing together all those verses scribbled in notebooks and jotted down on the backs of envelopes has given me a great sense of satisfaction and ‘closure’.  Many poems are personal – my feelings are laid bare on occasions – observations, emotions, experiences, decisions – but these are the things which make us who we are. I hope you enjoy dipping into this book and sharing my thoughts and feelings.MEET ME AT LOW TIDE COMBINED COVER JPEG

The cover painting was reproduced from an original by Northamptonshire artist Royston Pittam. I’m very grateful to Roy for producing such a striking picture. Thanks again Roy!

With the encouragement and technical assistance of my dear husband Graham I published the anthology independently through Amazon Createspace.

Meet Me at Low Tide is available on Amazon in paperback and as an ebook on the link below:  

Paperback £4.95

ebook         £2.28


‘Being a Writer in the 21st. Century’ 

I gave a talk/reading as part of the Rugby Festival of Culture 2016 which ran for the first two weeks in July. The event was held in the cafe of St.Andrew’s Church in Rugby. I encouraged those attending (of which there were over twenty) to join in with a discussion about the various aspects of writing these days. How different it is to when authors like Dickens and Jane Austen were alive! Modern technology has transformed our lives, the way we write and the ease with which we can carry out research is astounding.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear how many writers were present too – some reluctantly owning up to it – and some aspiring towards writing and publishing a novel or an autobiography at some stage and were wondering how to start. I couldn’t help but exclaim how easy it is to achieve that dream of being a published writer. These days, with the world at our fingertips, with the popularity of self-publishing rising, we as writers no longer have to depend totally on the personal tastes of literary agents and publishers. We can do it ourselves!

Promotion and selling also forms a large part of the publishing process. After all, if the book is published you need to tell people about it!

This photo was taken when we had a meeting of the Romantic Novelists’ Association (Leicester Chapter) at the Belmont Hotel. It’s always a happy occasion – noisy and exciting when twenty or so of us novelists get together!

Theresa at Belmont.jpg

To find out more about me and my books please follow me on twitter @TheresaLeFlem

Look forward to meeting you!

Christoph Fischer reviewed The Gypsy’s Son for the Historical Novel Society (HNS) and  invited me to give an interview. He posted the Q & A on his Saturday blog. See the link below:

The St.Ives September Festival 2015 gave me a good opportunity to publicize my third novel The Gypsy’s Son when I was invited to give a talk at St.Ives Library on 16th September. As the old cobbled streets in Cornwall buzzed with musicians, poets and artists I was delighted to be met with a good crowd who were eager to hear me read extracts and talk about the inspiration behind writing my novel. Afterwards I was able to sign copies and answer questions. It’s a wonderful experience to meet my readers and to see all three of my novels available on the library shelves. Dreams are made of this.

Collage St.Ives Talk poster jpeg
Latest 5x8 size cover 10 jpeg

Set in Cornwall in the 1950s, this moving novel explores family relationships, romance and memories. When a frightened young boy runs away from home, Gideon Tremayne, a Romany gypsy, resolves to take him back. But their journey takes a lifetime. This is a thought provoking book which delves into the past and challenges the reader to re-evaluate the meaning of life, home and survival. It’s a novel about reconciliation in which the search for love and security beckons…

The Gypsy’s Son is available from Amazon, paperback:  £7.95  ebook £1.99

Also available from W.H.Smiths, Rugby, in their new LOCAL AUTHOR section and at Hunt’s Bookshop, High Street, Rugby. Also available to order worldwide.

Please take a look at my blog interview on the Romantic Novelists’ Association website:

This is my third novel; it’s been the hardest to write, the longest to come to fruition and yet the most absorbing. On the blog you can  also read about how my journey into self-publishing began. It’s been a very rewarding experience – to see a novel grow from a  few hand-written scribbles in my notebook to a brand-new paperback.

On 5th September I launched my new novel The Gypsy’s Son with a fantastic gathering of friends at Hunt’s Bookshop in Rugby. It was a hive of activity as people chatted, bought their books and toasted my new novel with a glass of wine. Many thanks to Hunt’s Bookshop, especially Pauline Hunt and her husband Kelvin who wasn’t able to be with us due to ill health, their son Chris. Also many thanks to my author friends who are always so supportive: Kate Harris and Madalyn Morgan

Pictured left to right: Madalyn Morgan, Theresa Le Flem, Kate Harris, Pauline Hunt.Advertiser article for website jpeg


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